rosella - concept



The Story
We are two sisters, 10 years apart, who love making wearable works of art. While living in Melbourne, Australia, Jessica took a mouldmaking and casting course and around the same time developed a serious feather-collecting habit. Upon returning to Canada, she taught Gwynne everything she knew. With Gwynne's superior eye for design Rosella Resin was born. The company is named after the beautiful Australian parrot. 


The Concept
Nature is the world's greatest designer. Rosella jewelry showcases the most beautiful designs found in nature, including feathers, shells, and plants. 

Rosella Resin is proudly made using Entropy Resin's eco performance resin, certified by the USDA as a biobased product. Unlike most petroleum-based resins, this eco resin uses bio-derived materials such as pine oils derived from waste-streams of other manufacturing products. 

The transparent resin transforms delicate and ephemeral natural artifacts into beautifully preserved, wearable, durable jewelry. Resin also has a magnifying property, highlighting every wispy strand of a feather, every grain of wheat or spiral in a shell. 

We also love using metallic silver, gold and copper leaf flakes with a wide variety of colours. Within faceted shapes of the rings and bangles, the resin mimics earthen minerals and gemstones such as tiger eye, turquoise, lapis lazuli, graphite, marble. 

Each piece is unique. When you wear our jewelry you can be assured you are wearing a one-of-a-kind item that no one else has.



The Process
First we create every mould with high grade silicone rubber. Inside the moulds we place collected natural objects or metal flakes and colours. We then cast our jewelry using bio-derived eco resin. Eco resin has a longer cure time than traditional resins takes over one week to cure. After the jewelry has cured, we remove the pieces from the molds, and carefully sand and polish using over 15 grades of sandpaper and polishing tools.


The Important Part
We are nature lovers who are committed to environmental ethics. We use bio-derived eco resin to create our jewelry. 

Parrot feathers are cruelty-free and naturally molted. We only use natural feathers, never dyed feathers. The vibrant colours are the bird's natural feathers


Rosella 2012