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There has been a number of times where I’ve found myself thoroughly embarrassed with my work.

Looking back on an old sketchbook; What was I thinking?!
Photographs; Why did I do that?! 
Journals; Oh my gosh, just shoot me.

I’m pretty well past feeling embarrassed about old projects. Looking back on your work and having those feelings is a sign that you’ve improved/evolved/progressed. It serves as a good benchmark to actually realize that.

Of course, working on resin pieces is no different.

The first piece on the left was sent to me when Jessica was in Australia. It was the coolest thing ever! Now we look at it with a much more critical eye, which has allowed us to get closer to perfection on pieces.

The resin Jessica used in Australia was great.  Few bubbles (though still much more than we have now), and a great composition allowing for a strong piece. The three pieces on the right were made from a common resin brand here in Canada. I put on that ring a few days ago, just to see what it looked like. The resin was already warping due to my body heat. I’m so happy we use Entropy now – that would never happen these days!

Another big improvement we’ve made is using a vacuum chamber to degas the resin and the silicone we use for mould making.

This is a big tricky to photograph, but I got a closeup of some moulds.
The first picture was a mould I made for our sculpture class in November. The second was a mould I made within the past month. Bubble free! This helps ensure a much better pull from the moulds, without any flaws. We can create much more accurate moulds of masters. It works similarly for the resin; minimizing bubbles.

It is nice to see that we’re improving. And we’re definitely going to try to continue to do so.