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new line Rosella

Just in time for Halloween

We picked up many rock treasures at the  gem show a few weekends ago, but perhaps the coolest of all were the phosphorescent minerals we picked up. They glow pretty colours under a black light:

We’ve created a new line of eco resin jewelry inspired by these minerals. Neon with gold flakes during the day, and glowing electric colours under black light!

Time for some glow in the dark bowling!


OLMC Gem Show Recap

Last Saturday, we checked out the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club‘s Annual Gem & Mineral Show. Looking for coconut geodes you can crack open with a hammer? Rocks that glow neon under black light? ¬†Grab bags of mystery rocks? You’re in luck — all this and more!

Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club’s Gem Show

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Becoming a rockhound

Last week we joined the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club. What a great resource, oh if only I had more time! Went in to join the club and came out a couple hours later with a rounded and polished Perthite stone. Here’s a photo of it in the rough, I left my polished Perthite on my desk at work. I feel satisfied picking it up multiple times a day.

Hoping to score some boulder opal, lapis lazuli or maybe even mookaite at the gem show!