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Pencil Sculptures

Jennifer Maestre‘s pencil sculptures:



Jennifer Maestre‘s sculptures — originally inspired by the form and function of the sea urchin.

new line Rosella

Just in time for Halloween

We picked up many rock treasures at the  gem show a few weekends ago, but perhaps the coolest of all were the phosphorescent minerals we picked up. They glow pretty colours under a black light:

We’ve created a new line of eco resin jewelry inspired by these minerals. Neon with gold flakes during the day, and glowing electric colours under black light!

Time for some glow in the dark bowling!


underwater statues by Jason deCaires Taylor

Have you seen Jason deCaires Taylor‘s underwater sculptures?


The Silent Evolution

400 life-size figures. Near Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I really want this to be my next scuba diving trip!

The statues form an artificial reef, which helps to take pressure off natural reefs, are made from durable, secure and environmentally sensitive materials. They can support an entire ecosystem.

If you think this is getting slightly creepy, just wait til you see what happens at night…. read more »


Traditional Beauty: Nymphenburg Manufactory

Clara -Rhinocerous, by Peter Anton von Verschaffelt, approx. 1770

I love to travel, but Europe has never called my name the way more tropical destinations have. I have always loved exploring nature, the waters, the forests and ecosystems far different from the North American temperate zones. When my friends talk about the great travel experiences in Europe, the focus seems to be on its rich history. It wasn’t until I came across this site today that I began to understand….

The Nymphenburg Manufactory in Munich, Germany is the only facility of its kind creating porcelain works in-house from start to finish, entirely by hand. It also has one of the most beautiful and comprehensive websites I’ve ever seen – with detailed photos and lots of videos illustrating every step of the process. Although I know many artists are afraid of giving their secrets away by showing their process, Nymphenburg’s open access only works to create a deeper appreciation and sense of awe.  read more »


We Heart Heather

Heather eco resin ring

our latest Heather ring

We are so in love with heather! This beautiful plant is a Scottish icon, but it grows all over the world. read more »


Aurora Borealis from Space

Still haven’t seen the northern lights. Goal for a cross-Canada tour someday.



OLMC Gem Show Recap

Last Saturday, we checked out the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club‘s Annual Gem & Mineral Show. Looking for coconut geodes you can crack open with a hammer? Rocks that glow neon under black light?  Grab bags of mystery rocks? You’re in luck — all this and more!

Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club’s Gem Show

read more »


Gem inspired Etsy treasury

‘inspired by the gem show’ by RosellaResin

Transition (Geometric R…  


Silver Geometric Ring  


Soap (The Collection) A…  


Mookaite cabochon  


Oversized geometric ear…  


earthy geode slice with…  




Equilateral Triangles T…  


uye surana: cecilia sli…  


Crystal Configuration 2…  


Silver Amethyst point s…  


Vintage 60s Heels / JOE…  


Iceberg – 8 inch print  


Flying Spikes Printed P…  


Adjustable Silver Cryst…  


Porcelain Vase  


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


photo-realistic gemstone paintings

Yesterday’s gem show was great. Lots of great finds, photos to come.

In the meantime, along the same theme: Carly Waito‘s gemstone paintings. Stunning.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz






Ghostly creatures from the deep

My friend Jess tipped me off to these amazing underwater photos by Alexander Seminov. Here are the luminescent photos from his research in the depths of the White Sea:

Lion's Mane Jellyfish by Alexander Seminov


Sea Angel by Alexander Seminov

Sea Slug by Alexander Semenov

Metridium senile by Alexander Semenov

View the entire amazing collection.