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Eco performance resins: Rosella interviews Desi Banatao from Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins is an innovative California-based company producing eco performance resins that are being used for a interesting array of applications. Founded by two brothers, Desi and Rey Banatao, Entropy Resins are used for everything from surfboards to tabletops (and jewelry of course!)

The Banatao brothers have been profiled in Forbes, and they were featured as Earth Changers by LA Magazine.

We couldn’t be happier using Entropy Resin for our jewelry -  not only is it a great choice for the environment, it’s a superior product to any other casting resin out there.

We talked to Desi to learn more about resins, Entropy and the many complexities of  running a business with your sibling:

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I just love these vegetabowls:


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Rosella + Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins featured us today on their projects page!

Entropy Eco Performance Resins

We’ve been using Entropy’s resin in our jewellery since the spring, and we’re very happy about it. We weren’t completely satisfied with the previous casting resin we were using and went through a lengthy testing phase of various resins in order to find something better. We’re so glad Entropy was one of those we tested because it’s a great company and a great product.

Check out their projects page to see how people are using the resins — sustainable canoes, skis, tables. Inspiring!


The Water Cycle – stop motion animation by Emma Dougherty


The Water Cycle stop motion from StopMoGo on Vimeo.


Wearable greens

As the sun begins to shine on the Southern Hemisphere, those of us in the north are already longing for sunnier times. I just love this jewelry – carry nature with you all day long!

Gorgeous little vase necklace by MrLentz. <3!!

dutch clog planter necklace

How cute is this dutch clog planter necklace? by ARTISANIEeurope.

Colleen Jordan is a master at the wearable planter. I have a thing for air plants!