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vertical succulent garden – part 2

Since creating my vertical succulent garden, it has been two months.

The first two months, I left it flat, so that the succulents could root.

I can’t say it is thriving. The squirrels around here have been attacking all of our plants, and also knocking the succulent ‘babies’ off. For some reason the red-ish variety has lost its bright hue.

Unfortunately, the frame’s intricate details were washed away. I guess it was plaster, whoops! Now that it is gone, I might paint it a faint red.

The creeping plant definitely didn’t work out with these succulents. I think it required more moisture.

I think this might be the fuzzy wuzzy variety.

Things I would change;

  • Use lower quality soil and fine gravel instead of planting soil. The soil I used is probably too rich in nutrients, and doesn’t provide good enough drainage.
  • Use a different moss (like so) which holds colour better, even when it gets dry (which has been inevitable in this heat).
  • Put drainage holes along the whole back, instead of just on the long edges.


These succulents below aren’t hanging vertically, but they sure are thriving!

My Grandma rescued these cacti from the compost! They’re pretty neat.


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vertical succulent garden – part 1


Succulents are all the rage these days. They are pretty low-maintenance, geometric, and interesting. The obvious fractal structure of these plants are naturally appealing to the eye.

I thought I’d try my hand at creating a framed vertical succulent garden. There is loads inspiration for these all over the internet. My favourite being Flora Grubb. If anyone executes these installations perfectly, it is them! They sell the panels to achieve this perfect in their web shop. While I love the look, I wasn’t sure I was prepared to pay the price in their web shop.

Thank goodness for the internet. There are a bunch of tutorials online. I like this one.

On the same trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens, we stopped at a little-known spot for succulents.

While not normally selling to the public, we convinced him to make an exception.

This place had many varieties, somewhat rare for Southwestern Ontario.

So, we carted off a box full of succulents, and got to work.

I found a great vintage frame in my Grandma’s basement – naturally the best place for that sort of thing! I cut up some wood pieces to bulk up the back of the frame. The dimensions of the frame are roughly 2′ x 3′.

After fixing the chicken wire,  I began padding it with some moss.

Next, I inserted the succulents. I tried to somewhat make a pattern, but it was a bit of a failed attempt.

I love the contrast of the distressed, yet intricate frame and the succulents.  I also ended up sticking in some ‘Jeepers Creepers’ creeping plant. Not sure of the actual name.

I can’t wait to hang this baby up!

I’ll update you in part 2 of the condition of the piece, so stay tuned for that later this week.



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