Becoming a rockhound

Last week we joined the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club. What a great resource, oh if only I had more time! Went in to join the club and came out a couple hours later with a rounded and polished Perthite stone. Here’s a photo of it in the rough, I left my polished Perthite on my desk at work. I feel satisfied picking it up multiple times a day.

Hoping to score some boulder opal, lapis lazuli or maybe even mookaite at the gem show!

Wearable greens

As the sun begins to shine on the Southern Hemisphere, those of us in the north are already longing for sunnier times. I just love this jewelry – carry nature with you all day long!

Gorgeous little vase necklace by MrLentz. <3!!

dutch clog planter necklace

How cute is this dutch clog planter necklace? by ARTISANIEeurope.

Colleen Jordan is a master at the wearable planter. I have a thing for air plants!

Ghostly creatures from the deep

My friend Jess tipped me off to these amazing underwater photos by Alexander Seminov. Here are the luminescent photos from his research in the depths of the White Sea:

Lion's Mane Jellyfish by Alexander Seminov


Sea Angel by Alexander Seminov

Sea Slug by Alexander Semenov

Metridium senile by Alexander Semenov

View the entire amazing collection.

Nature by Numbers


Beautiful short video about the numbers of nature by Cristóbal Vila.

Nature by Numbers

Innovation Inspiration: Patrick Blanc

I have been intrigued about living walls for quite some time. I researched a bit about them for a project at the Ontario Science Centre and now am constantly toying with the idea of building one in miniature.

Patrick Blanc is who I would consider the pioneer of the living wall. His work is very inspiring.

Blanc seems to spent a lot of time travelling for inspiration and has hair as green as his walls… how fabulous! He has listed some sources of inspirations on his site which is fun to look at.

Be sure to check out his website for more of his work.

On a smaller scale, Flora Grubb Gardens presents a fairly convincing case to purchase their DIY living wall kit, with this photo:

I love their use of the succulents.

I think eventually I will try to tackle it on my home somehow – too great of inspiration not to!

Congo African Grey Parrot

Congo African Grey, photo taken by Michael Gwyther-Jones

This magnificent parrot is said to be one of the world’s most intelligent. These beautiful creatures are also one of the most exploited — their native populations are dwindling from the illegal pet trade. Learn more about the status of parrots at the World Parrot Trust and don’t buy wild-caught parrots.

Weekend by Max Mara

Last year, they shot at The Museum of Natural History, and this year, Italian fashion house Max Mara and photographer Alexi Lubomirski, team up once again for the Weekend by Max Mara collection.

Working with model Jacquelyn Jablonski, along with some fine feathered friends, Lumbomirski achieved fabulous results.

I am loving this collection, particularly the detail in the dyed materials.
Check out the goods with full photos and a fun video on the shoot!

Innovation Inspiration: Theo Jansen


“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”

Inspired by nature: how it all started

My sister Gwynne and I are the sisters behind Rosella Resin. Our jewelry features nature’s most beautiful designs, and this blog is about showcasing brilliant design both in nature and inspired by nature. First, here’s our story about how it all started.

2009 Melbourne

I had just moved to Melbourne, working and taking a resin sculpture and casting course. I took a lot of long walks, always in awe of the Australian wildlife. My friend took me up in the Dandenongs for a picnic and the birds were all coming out of the woodwork.


And what are these beautiful creatures??


Oxford St. Market

Over the weeks and months I kept collecting feathers and experimenting with resin. In December I moved to Fremantle, Western Australia and sold my creations at the Oxford St. Market in Perth.

Bangles at the Oxford St. Market

After returning home to Canada in 2010, I spent the summer with my sister Gwynne. I taught her all I had learned about resin and then we learned a lot more together. We spent nearly every day either working out in our garage studio or going to local markets.


In December 2010 Rosella Resin was born.

This blog is for everyone who is inspired by nature. And how could you not be?