breathtaking Cameroon vistas shot by DIY copter with camera

A nice place to fly: Hexacopter in Cameroon / Africa from W. Thielicke on Vimeo.

Had to share this amazing video shared with us from a fellow mouldmaker and electronics hobbyist from our sculpture class. This DIY helicopter with camera was able to take shots of amazing scenes with bemused spectators.

For more information on the technology, visit the page on W. Thielicke’s website.

Eco performance resins: Rosella interviews Desi Banatao from Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins is an innovative California-based company producing eco performance resins that are being used for a interesting array of applications. Founded by two brothers, Desi and Rey Banatao, Entropy Resins are used for everything from surfboards to tabletops (and jewelry of course!)

The Banatao brothers have been profiled in Forbes, and they were featured as Earth Changers by LA Magazine.

We couldn’t be happier using Entropy Resin for our jewelry -  not only is it a great choice for the environment, it’s a superior product to any other casting resin out there.

We talked to Desi to learn more about resins, Entropy and the many complexities of  running a business with your sibling:

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Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Night time Angel shark and other underwater creatures

Noviembre / November from Rafa Herrero Massieu on Vimeo.


2000 suspended dandilions

installation by Regine Ramseier


(via This is Colossal)

baby octopuses

From the awesome Vancouver Aquarium( which also brought us the cute overload of sea otters holding paws), video of six-week old baby octopuses, having a tug of war over their krill meal.

Just in time for Halloween

We picked up many rock treasures at the  gem show a few weekends ago, but perhaps the coolest of all were the phosphorescent minerals we picked up. They glow pretty colours under a black light:

We’ve created a new line of eco resin jewelry inspired by these minerals. Neon with gold flakes during the day, and glowing electric colours under black light!

Time for some glow in the dark bowling!

underwater statues by Jason deCaires Taylor

Have you seen Jason deCaires Taylor‘s underwater sculptures?

The Silent Evolution

400 life-size figures. Near Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I really want this to be my next scuba diving trip!

The statues form an artificial reef, which helps to take pressure off natural reefs, are made from durable, secure and environmentally sensitive materials. They can support an entire ecosystem.

If you think this is getting slightly creepy, just wait til you see what happens at night…. read more »

Gorgeous time lapse video of New Zealand mountainscape

Mt Ruapehu Timelapse from Jared Brandon Productions on Vimeo.

Jared Brandon experimented with time lapse video during the downseasons (he’s a wedding photographer) and amazing results. For you Lord of the Rings fans, this is the real life Mount Doom. I trekked across this area, the Tongariro Crossing, during the day and it is breathtaking (literally!)  read more »

Horses of the Camargue

by Irene Suchocki

I didn’t believe it was true.  read more »