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OLMC Gem Show Recap

Last Saturday, we checked out the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club‘s Annual Gem & Mineral Show. Looking for coconut geodes you can crack open with a hammer? Rocks that glow neon under black light?  Grab bags of mystery rocks? You’re in luck — all this and more!

Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club’s Gem Show

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Rosella + Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins featured us today on their projects page!

Entropy Eco Performance Resins

We’ve been using Entropy’s resin in our jewellery since the spring, and we’re very happy about it. We weren’t completely satisfied with the previous casting resin we were using and went through a lengthy testing phase of various resins in order to find something better. We’re so glad Entropy was one of those we tested because it’s a great company and a great product.

Check out their projects page to see how people are using the resins — sustainable canoes, skis, tables. Inspiring!

Gem inspired Etsy treasury

‘inspired by the gem show’ by RosellaResin

Transition (Geometric R…  


Silver Geometric Ring  


Soap (The Collection) A…  


Mookaite cabochon  


Oversized geometric ear…  


earthy geode slice with…  




Equilateral Triangles T…  


uye surana: cecilia sli…  


Crystal Configuration 2…  


Silver Amethyst point s…  


Vintage 60s Heels / JOE…  


Iceberg – 8 inch print  


Flying Spikes Printed P…  


Adjustable Silver Cryst…  


Porcelain Vase  


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

photo-realistic gemstone paintings

Yesterday’s gem show was great. Lots of great finds, photos to come.

In the meantime, along the same theme: Carly Waito‘s gemstone paintings. Stunning.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz





The Water Cycle – stop motion animation by Emma Dougherty


The Water Cycle stop motion from StopMoGo on Vimeo.

Animal Eyes














Black Rabbit














Husky Dog















Suren Manvelyan’s amazing macro photography of animal eyes.

Becoming a rockhound

Last week we joined the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club. What a great resource, oh if only I had more time! Went in to join the club and came out a couple hours later with a rounded and polished Perthite stone. Here’s a photo of it in the rough, I left my polished Perthite on my desk at work. I feel satisfied picking it up multiple times a day.

Hoping to score some boulder opal, lapis lazuli or maybe even mookaite at the gem show!

Wearable greens

As the sun begins to shine on the Southern Hemisphere, those of us in the north are already longing for sunnier times. I just love this jewelry – carry nature with you all day long!

Gorgeous little vase necklace by MrLentz. <3!!

dutch clog planter necklace

How cute is this dutch clog planter necklace? by ARTISANIEeurope.

Colleen Jordan is a master at the wearable planter. I have a thing for air plants!

Ghostly creatures from the deep

My friend Jess tipped me off to these amazing underwater photos by Alexander Seminov. Here are the luminescent photos from his research in the depths of the White Sea:

Lion's Mane Jellyfish by Alexander Seminov


Sea Angel by Alexander Seminov

Sea Slug by Alexander Semenov

Metridium senile by Alexander Semenov

View the entire amazing collection.

Nature by Numbers


Beautiful short video about the numbers of nature by Cristóbal Vila.

Nature by Numbers