Traditional Beauty: Nymphenburg Manufactory

Clara -Rhinocerous, by Peter Anton von Verschaffelt, approx. 1770

I love to travel, but Europe has never called my name the way more tropical destinations have. I have always loved exploring nature, the waters, the forests and ecosystems far different from the North American temperate zones. When my friends talk about the great travel experiences in Europe, the focus seems to be on its rich history. It wasn’t until I came across this site today that I began to understand….

The Nymphenburg Manufactory in Munich, Germany is the only facility of its kind creating porcelain works in-house from start to finish, entirely by hand. It also has one of the most beautiful and comprehensive websites I’ve ever seen – with detailed photos and lots of videos illustrating every step of the process. Although I know many artists are afraid of giving their secrets away by showing their process, Nymphenburg’s open access only works to create a deeper appreciation and sense of awe. 


the Nymphenburg production workshops

Nymphenburg’s history as a porcelain manufacturer stretches back over 260 years. They still use the power of water to run equipment:

water-powered facility

I love their mouldmaking photos and videos

porcelain mould

Check out the whole process.

The old traditions are producing some beautiful contemporary art though. I love the jewellery, especially this one, inspired by traditional Maori greenstones:

Maori-inspired discus

If I get to Europe, a visit to Nymphenburg will be on the itinerary!



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